Metaverse and Finance.

An NFT virtual land

As we’ve established in our previous article, Metaverse is a world just like the real world except in a virtual, 3-D form. With all that has been said about the metaverse, you might be wondering how it benefits you or how you can make money from it. If that’s the question you’re asking, then happy are you, because this article aims at answering those questions.

These are still the early days of metaverse and no one really knows how successful it may turn out to be. But it might interest you to know that large tech companies are investing massive amounts of time, resources and money into the virtual world. Brands like Nike, Roblox and Sony has been seen to invest millions and billions of dollars. The most popular, which you may have heard of, Facebook has also joined in on the metaverse. The investments of these large tech companies into the virtual world seem to suggest that the metaverse might just be a success after all. Also, research has shown that the total market cap of the Metaverse market will grow from $45.5 billion in 2019 to $1.5 trillion in 2030.

Ways to Earn in the Metaverse


NFT is an abbreviation for Non Fungible Token. The virtual world like the real world has real estates, lands, houses, farms, seeds, water etc which are called NFTs in the metaverse. For example, in the real world people buy lands at a particular price as an investment asset in order to sell at a higher price when the land appreciates in value. Similarly, selling NFTs and other digital assets is an easy way of making money in the metaverse.


Since the metaverse is a digital world, it implies that the means of payment would be digital like the cryptocurrencies which will dominate the space. So in order to make money in the metaverse, you can buy some of these metaverse tokens now and hold them. Tokens like Metaverse Classic $MVC is very promising for the metaverse and can be used for payments in the metaverse.


Play-to-earn games are one of the ways of making money in the metaverse. There are already several metaverse platforms that reward users for playing games in their platforms. An example is Roblox. Rewards that users earn for playing games can be exchanged for money.


In many ways, similar to the real world, parties or events can be organized in a metaverse. Tickets, in form of NTFs can be sold for users to participate in such events or concerts just like the real world.


The metaverse presents a whole lot of exciting opportunities to make money. Users can make tremendous amounts of money in the virtual world depending on how creative one is. Because the metaverse is still a developing world, a lot of frontiers are yet to be explored.

The above listed are only a few ways of making money in the metaverse. In the coming years as these new frontiers are explored, more creative ways of making money in the virtual realm would be revealed.




A Deflationary Token aimed at creating a virtual experience.

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Metaverse Classic

Metaverse Classic

A Deflationary Token aimed at creating a virtual experience.

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