FAQs about Metaverse Classic

Some frequently asked questions about Metaverse Classic (MVC).

1. What is Metaverse Classic (MVC)?

Answer: Metaverse Classic is a deflationary token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which is aimed at creating a virtual world where people can play games, watch concerts, browse store shelves, and so much more without leaving their physical home.

2. What is Metaverse Classic total supply?

Answer: There is currently a maximum and total supply of 10,000,000,000,000 MVC tokens.

3. What can I do with Metaverse Classic?

Answer: Metaverse Classic (MVC) will be used to buy land, buy items and other utilities inside the Metaverse classic ecosystem.

4. What blockchain is Metaverse Classic on?

Answer: Metaverse Classic (MVC) is a BEP-20 token based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network.

5. When is Metaverse Classic presale?

Answer: Details on how to participate on the presale will be announced on our social media platforms. Stay Tuned!

6. When is airdrop ending?

Answer: After public sale (presale).

7. When is airdrop distribution date?

Answer: Immediately after launch

8. What makes MVC unique?

Answer: Metaverse Classic (MVC) will help in creating a virtual reality world. As the virtual world gains more control over the actual world, MVC tokens will become increasingly significant. Buying and selling of items like decentralized land, will all be legitimized by MVC tokens in a decentralized manner.

9. Will MVC be listed on Pancakeswap?

Answer: Yes.

11. How many MVC tokens will be burned?

Answer: The team of MVC will burn 20% tokens of the total supply. Token burn will be continued periodically until total allocation is depleted.

12. Will Metaverse Classic MVC be creating an NFT marketplace?

Answer: Yes, NFT marketplace will be launched immediately after token launch.

13. What is Metaverse Classic contract address?

Answer: 0xc6328854de53705621c4a23c50a6a813dd69d5c3





A Deflationary Token aimed at creating a virtual experience.

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Metaverse Classic

Metaverse Classic

A Deflationary Token aimed at creating a virtual experience.

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